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Learn About the Axolotl

Play ESCAPE to experience the life of an Axolotl. Swimming through the Chinampas of Xochimilco, you will have to survive various predators, and avoid pollution. Read the facts throughout the game to learn about Axolotls and Axolotl conservation, and understand why acting now is so critical!
Gameplay of ESCAPE by Axo Fight Club game with the endangered Axolotl fighting to survive, and winning crypto and NFT rewards

Earn Rewards

Play for free, and earn sweepstakes tickets to win prizes! Tickets are given out for points collected in game, leaderboard spots, minting an Axo and buying and Axo on secondary!

Web3 Enabled

Our NFT collection lets you connect your Ethereum wallet and play as your very own Axolotl in ESCAPE! 

When you buy an NFT from our ESCAPE collection, you will receive a unique combination of skin colours, eyes, mouthes, and hats for your Axolotl. By connecting your Ethereum wallet, you will be able to pick from the ESCAPE NFTs you own and play as that exact Axolotl!

On top of the cool skins, owning an ESCAPE NFT will grant you a boost in sweepstakes tickets earned, proportional to how many NFTs you own. This boost will give you a better chance to win prizes!
Axo Fight Club donation to the Laboratoria de Restauracion Ecologica for Axolotl conservation