What is Axo Fight Club?

Axo Fight Club is a group of like-minded individuals with a mission to use the power of NFT’s, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse to build a community who will band together and help save the Axolotl from extinction!
A Cute AXO
Chinampa in Xochimilco, Mexico from the Axolotl Conservation effort by the Laboratoria de Restauracion EcologicaLaboratorio de Restauracion Ecologica LogoWild Axolotl from the Laboratorio de Restauracion Ecologica Axolotl conservation effort in Xochimilco, Mexico

Here to Save the Axolotl

We are launching this project in partnership with the Laboratorio de Restauracion Ecologica (LRE) at UNAM University, who will receive 25% of our net proceeds to fund Axolotl habitat preservation and conservation.

This money will go towards the maintenance and expansion of Chinampas, a traditional Aztec farming method which is highly sustainable, and promotes the perfect Axolotl habitat. By using the land for sustainable farming rather than construction or recreational areas, the Axolotl's habitat will cease to shrink, and habitat support systems like biofilters can be installed to ward off predators.

Join the Fight

We are launching 5,000 animated NFTs on the Ethereum network. With different combinations of skins, eyes, mouths, and hats, find the right Axo for you! Owners of these NFTs will be able to play as their unique Axo in our Play-to-(L)earn game, swimming to dodge pollution and invasive predators.
Mosaic Axolotl skin for the Axo Fight Club NFTMelanoid Axolotl from the Axo Fight Club NFT

ESCAPE: Play-to-(L)earn

Gameplay of ESCAPE by Axo Fight Club game with the endangered Axolotl fighting to survive, and winning crypto and NFT rewards

Can you survive the life of a wild Axolotl?

Play our game: ESCAPE by Axo Fight Club, to experience the hard life of a wild Axolotl, and learn about Axolotl conservation! The top 100 daily high scores will receive sweepstakes tickets which can be used to win prizes. Prizes will include NFTs, and other items!



ESCAPE Mint (Q4, 2022)
5,000 Axolotl NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain
Supporting the Axolotl conservation effort in Xochimilco, Mexico
Melanoid Axolotl from the Axo Fight Club NFT
Tilapia from the ESCAPE game for Axo Fight Club
ESCAPE Play-to-(L)earn (Q4, 2022)
ESCAPE by Axo Fight Club launches
Play as your NFT in-game
Learn about Axolotl conservation
Win NFTs and other prizes
ESCAPE v2 (Q4, 2022)
New scenic stages
Additional unlockable content
New skins available (free for existing tokenholders)
Toxic City background for the ESCAPE game roadmap
Axo Fight Club donation to the Laboratoria de Restauracion Ecologica for Axolotl conservation
Donation (Q4, 2022)
First donation sent to LRE
Transparent transfer of funds
Updates on the use of funds and progress of the LRE conservation project
Community Development (Q4, 2022)
Community voting on next steps for ESCAPE by Axo Fight Club
DAO-style voting with the Free Mint NFTs
Axo Fight Club community Axolotl love
Axo Fight Club NFT community growth
Game 2 (Q1, 2023)
Framework for the second game by Axo Fight Club is currently in development
Community driven testing and input


Axo Fight Club team for NFT project unveiling at Alest Hotel in Mexico City


What is an Axolotl?
The Axolotl is a critically endangered aquatic salamander native to Xochimilco, in Mexico City, Mexico. They are an incredible animal with regenerative abilities, and they are super cute!
What is an NFT?
An NFT is a piece of digital property. By owning it on the blockchain, only you can control it and use it until you decide to sell or transfer it. This enables fair, transparent, and secure ownership of unique items in a digital world!
How Much is an NFT
Our Escape by Axo Fight Club NFT collection is free to mint! If you don't get the opportunity to mint, you can buy one on a secondary marketplace like OpenSea.
How do I Get One?
Join our Discord server for a chance to get on our Allowlist, reserving your Escape NFT. If you don't get on Allowlist, you can still mint in the public sale, or buy one on a secondary marketplace like OpenSea!
What is the Total Supply?
Our Escape by Axo Fight Club mint will consist of 5000 NFTs.
When is the Mint Date?
We will be minting October 26th, 2022!
What Blockchain?
The NFTs will be on the Ethereum blockchain.
How can I Help?
Tell your friends about our project, and get in touch with our team about how you can help! We also have some great resources on the conservation effort, and can help you figure out how to directly help LRE with the conservation effort.